HONG FAUX – A Message from Dystopia

“We want to run the audience over with melodies and heavy riffs, unexpected turns and out of the box blends.” – Nik Serén

In late October 2015 Hong Faux release their second full length album A Message from Dystopia which musically, as well as lyrically, takes a good look at modern life through the lens of someone on the fringe of society. The album is co-produced by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames) who has helped the band redefine the concept and the big melodic choruses now take up more space.

“Our ambition is to combine the guitar riffs from the 70’s, the grunge scene’s more melodic arts from the 90’s with modern rock. We have always enjoyed pop choruses and were convinced that the harder rock crew would think we were wimpsy. But we were wrong… I guess even the cool dudes like to be tickled on the thighs every once in a while… We’ve never been afraid of being accused of not being ‘real’ – we’re real. We make hits because we’re good at it and humans have a predisposition for good melodies – even the ones that deny it,” says singer Nik Serén.

With Razzia Notes by their side together with German music biz legend Henk Hakker as manager, the band has the backing needed to get your attention. Anders Fridén, record company boss and In Flames singer, has for a long time had his eyes on the band that has been praised by magazines like Classic Rock, Slam and Metal Hammer and even done a television broadcast concert at legendary Rockpalast in Germany.

Now it is finally time for more people to discover Hong Faux and their unique mix of heavy riffs and memorable melodies. In October 2015 the record that Anders Fridén has referred to as a “monster album” will be released – titled A Message from Dystopia. The release will be followed by touring in Scandinavia and Europe.

The four-piece has done shows all over Europe, sharing stages with such diverse bands as D-A-D, The Rival Sons, Coheed & Cambria and Babyshambles. This fall they’re joining Clutch on all their German dates. You can count on Hong Faux delivering both weight and melody. Just like they always do.


  • Nik Seren – lead vocals / rhythm guitar
  • Johan Bergqvist – bass guitar / backing vocals
  • Björn Billgren – lead guitar
  • Jonathan Hummelman – drums / backing vocals